Is Wine More your thing?

Relax with a delicious vino



  • Laurent Miquel - Chardonnay

  • Centorri - Moscato de Pravia

  • Pertico - Pinot Grigio

  • Cape Heights - Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Prime Cuts - South Africa Red Blend

  • Broadside - Cabernet Sauvignon



Looking for something ice cold? We've got you covered.



Simpler Palates

For those who prefer something simpler, we always carry:

  • PBR Tallboys

  • Miller High Life

  • Narragansett Lager

  • Coors Banquet



Upcoming Events in Anderson

Featured Events

The Usual

Weekly Events

Mondays, 6-9 PM

Pints and Pies is officially back by popular demand!

Come to Growler Haus on Monday nights and enjoy your favorite beer with some tasty pizza. 

2 pints + 2 slices of pizza = $12
2 pints of high gravity beer or 2 glasses of wine + 2 slices of pizza = $14

The first pizza call will begin at 6:30 so be sure you get there early!


Tuesdays, 7-10 PM

Noticed anything new on Tuesday nights in The Haus lately?

We're going All In on our recent experiment with Trivia at Growler Haus!

Come out and see if your team can take home some sweet brewery swag, Haus Bucks, and more as you work to outsmart your lovely hosts - Ellis and Charla.

Funny team names highly encouraged!


Thursdays, 5-11 PM

Introducing: Tribe Night!

In a salute to all those that make Growler Haus great, we've created Tribe Night on Thursdays. For those who have purchased their Tribe Card, you will have access to the exclusive rotating specials crafted by the Haus Team.

Ask your beertender how you can join The Tribe today!

Wednesdays, 7-9 PM

Looking for a fun way to spend your hump day? 

Bring your friends and your favorite board game down to Growler Haus and see the real champion is. Don't have any board games sitting around at home? Simply grab one of ours!

Win a game and your beertender will announce your champion status to the whole bar!

Fridays, 8-11 PM

Join us as we bring in live local musicians to The Haus to help kickoff your weekend right!


Saturdays, 12-11 PM

You know em, you love em.

Bring your growler in on Saturdays and get 10% off all growler fills. If you purchase one of ours, we'll give you 15% off your fill! We also will be giving 10% off for anyone wearing College Football gear during the season!


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Have you joined the tribe yet?


Join the Haus Tribe today and experience exclusive perks:


  • 20% off on Thursdays, 10% off on all other nights!
  • 1 complimentary pint per month!
  • Add your name to our Tribe Board!
  • Access to exclusive Tribe swag!
  • Tribe Appreciation Parties each quarter!

...and more!

Ask your Beertender how you can join the Tribe today!